Thursday, January 7, 2010

To Earth

So hi guys i know i haven't logged in, in a small forever...
do i want you to (hopefully) read and comment on this new project I've been working on... I'm supposed to be writing a book. So i will give a little part and you tell me if you like it (or not). But seriously i need you guys.

So here's -----> To Earth

It all started when I went out with John to this sea side bar-club. John and I have been dating a while now. I have considered him my companion because you’re supposed to tell your “boyfriend” everything. Well that’s where my secret comes in. I live in Atlantis, literally. The lost ancient island where the all the secrets of the world are. Well at least they humans got that right. Well they got right the ancient island as well but the term “lost” is way off. Some say that the island Cyprus is a part of the lost Atlantis, well that’s another thing the people have gotten wrong. The people of Atlantis created Cyprus right on top of them to keep them safe. Atlantis might be keeping all the secrets of the world but that doesn’t mean we have armies to protect the secrets. What we can do is use the secrets for their protection. And what are these secrets? Well it just about anything abnormal, from inhuman powers to other species altogether. And of course in Atlantis we have just about everything. Immortals, Vampires, Fairies, Sirens, Goblins, Witches, Werewolves, power-suckers, you name it. Atlantis is where all the science fiction, fantasy books and movies come out. A lot of us just come up here write a story about our world and make a lot of money. It’s a way to go away from Atlantis and live an easy life where the only problems are money and relationships. I guess for a human is like going on holiday.

I remember the first time my grandma brought me up. It was like going to the human zoo. Looking how other creatures can be behind a couple of thousands of years but still intelligent. I mean you can have a simple conversation with them. Talk about a series on T.V. or gossip about the secret relationship of some humans. That’s where John comes in my life, he know nothing about my otherness. He doesn’t know about my power to control earth, or that when I turn twenty-one I will stay like that forever. I might have forgotten to mention that I’m turning into an immortal. My parents are both immortals, born immortal that is. Some of the witches call themselves immortals because they found a way to live for a very long time, which is by eating a fairies brain. Not only is it disgusting but it is also illegal. So born immortals are really rare because we live so long and have only two or three kids, but our population is increasing. Plus immortals are the royals of our world; my grandma is the Queen of Atlantis. A big title for such a sweet female, but she has been the queen for over a thousand years. My grandpa says that she can overcome anything. He is the King but my grandma is obviously the brains of Atlantis. Not that a man can’t rule, but they intend to get crazed by power and that is why every time there is a new King there is also a new Queen. So in the end my grandma does all the decisions and my grandpa is there to nod his head and look good as my grandma puts it. So everybody loves Queen Claire and King Antonio because there has been nothing but peace in their years. Plus they are all I have except my parents and brother. My grandparents from my father’s side were killed by the Titans. No they are not the real Titans of ancient Greek history they are just a group of supernatural wannabes that get their strength from their dark lord. They are one hundred and twenty percent humans but with knowledge of the worlds secrets. Even humans loathe them, of course for entirely different reasons. Like raping human girls and killing them as sacrifice, or praying to the devil. They have different names as the years go on and the old ones die and new ones come in. The name “Titans” is just a name they chose from ancient Greek “mythology” as the humans call it, to show that they are better from other supernatural beings. Well the only supernatural beings they know of are Vampires and Immortals, at least only the Titans know about Vampires and immortals. The dark lord they believe in is my grandma Claire’s uncle who became the first and only male King to rule alone. He got crazed with power, he just wanted it all. He wanted to have the humans as his slaves for him and to create a new being, a being superior to others. He created the power-drainers, he made them drain the magic out of others and give it to him. He had the dream of becoming a god. See? That’s what I mean by saying he got power crazed with a capital “C”. Who CAN become god? God is an unchanging character of good who can control the powers of goodness so they out power the evil. The people of Atlantis didn’t see the evil within him because he is an expert at lying, but when Grandma Clair’s father found out that his brother Dimitri was a truly evil person and that if he got what he wanted he will be the end of the life as we know it he banished him to another dimension with no way back. Of course he got some powers from vampires; with human blood he becomes stronger. Well vampires don’t get stronger than what they were; they just need blood to survive. But that is what happens when an immortal goes nuts, every time Dimitri has blood he becomes stronger than what he was. He does not need the blood he just wants it, and me and grandma Claire believe that he is up to something. And we hate the Titans for one reason only, the sacrifices they make to their dark lord believing that they are calming him, they are making him stronger and when he becomes stronger there will be a way to get out of his dimensional prison. The Titans are led by Dimitri’s half human son made by one of the thousands helpless human women he raped. We believe that mark has some kind of gift to communicate with his father. And you still haven’t heard the best of it. And one of the witches touched Dimitri as he was being held by spells to be banished to his prison saw (as in saw a vision) that I Elaine was to defeat Dimitri and Mark. Now how I’m going to do that? I got no absolute clue. That’s the reason everybody treats me differently in Atlantis and that is why I like John. He just sees a good looking girl with long brown hair, skin as pale as paper and vivid green eye. Little does he know how vivid green my eyes are going to be when I become fully immortal, they are going to be an inhuman green that can only be seen on the baby leaves of an orange tree, Oh well I might as well enjoy that I don’t have purple eyes like my mother. And just like that I’m back to here and now. Now being at the beach bar-club with my six feet something blue eyed blonde companion. We were sitting on the white bar with blue fluorescent lighting. The whole place is white, blue and black. I was having a martini and John was having his usual scotch on the rocks (that’s how he orders it always with a cocky smile).

I was fiddling with the little wooden toothpick with two stuffed olives. We were silent from the beginning of the evening.

He looked uncomfortable. Great, he always gets like that when I’m thoughtful. Just what I need a “your different from other girls” speech of his. I singed.

“Well your quiet tonight.” I said lamely. He turned to look at me with cold blue eyes. His was holding his whiskey with his hand that was closest to me. He stirred it making the ice jiggle around in the glass and took a big sip. Here we go, he was going to say something that is hard for him but he wants to do it (we have human psychology at my high school after all we should know what we are “hiding” from).

“Well, look who finally decided to talk.” Okay now that was hurtful, even for a human.

“Yeah I was swimming in my thoughts.” I smiled weakly “Again.”

He nodded “Again.” He said in a sarcastic tone. Okay now I’m pissed. I can take when someone is a little mean. But when it goes from mean to sarcastic, well let’s just say that pushes my button.

“There is something you want to say. Get on with it.” I let all the ice I had leak from my voice.

He put the glass down and spun to his right to face me. Here we go.

“I’ve wanted to say this about a week now.” He smiled but his smile was going over my shoulder. Okay weird.

“So, get on with it.” better get this over with. I know exactly what’s to come.

“Elaine, you’re a hot girl.” Oh gosh the first complement he gives me is when he is going to break up with me. I might as well say it by myself.

“But I’m too different for your taste.” I finished.

“No, different I can take. You’re just so damn cold.” Ouch! That really hurt.

“Did you just say I’m cold?” I was amazed, nobody told me that before. Well because all the other guys I dated were from Atlantis. It still hurt, I mean human or not human being called “cold” by a male is hurtful.

“Yeah, you know. You don’t dance, you don’t let lose. You’re quiet most of the time, and you talk like you are from another time. Sometimes I wonder if you’re even a human girl.” He put his big hand on my shoulder and squeezed. “I’m seventeen I’m not thirty babes. I got to have fun.” He smiled over my shoulder. Okay this was getting annoying. I turn to look over to my left exactly behind me was a couple sitting on one of the tables with the little sky blue candle in the middle. The guy was the cutest guy I have ever seen. And he was a vampire. I singed. Figures, you just didn’t find a cute guy these days without him being supernatural. But John was looking at the vamps female companion. She was a bleached blond with black routes. A lipstick that looked like it came from the 80’s and brown eyes made up with so much black eye shadow that she looked like a raccoon. She was wearing a black skirt that was so short you could see the red thong underneath when she was sitting. Plus a red silk top. Okay now that was really painful. I looked away from her because my eyes filled with tears. I couldn’t even see straight. Plus when I cry my eyes become another two hundred percent vivid. They are literally the first thing you notice on me once I cry.

“Oh, Elaine you okay? What’s up with your eyes?” I wanted to stop being hurt. I wanted my eyes to stop shedding tears. So instead of feeling hurt I felt angry.

“You are stupid!” I shouted “I don’t know what on earth I am doing with ___ a…” I paused I was going to say “human” instead I said. “With an immature guy like you, all you care is you pleasure you don’t even care if you hurt my feelings.” I finished.

Well that didn’t hurt his feeling that made him look terrified. Oh hell, my eyes. When I’m angry they look like they are going to jump out and eat the person I face.

I looked away and closed my eyes. Count to ten. Okay, deep breaths. And I reopened them and looked straight in his.

“What just happened?” he asked. Great all I need now is him finding out I’m not human, that would lead ether to call a vamp from Atlantis or just ask the one sitting with the high classed prostitute, to erase his mind. Okay the girl wasn’t really a prostitute but she WAS heading in that direction.

“You hurt my feelings.” I said instead. “Do you honestly expect me to be fine?” I asked not expecting an answer.

“Well she is HOT.” He said looking at her. I could feel my anger rising in me and making me restless. Keep calm Elaine. He is a total fool!

“Then ask your little girlfriend over there to dance and bugger off.” I said looking around for a bar tender. I am going to need a drink.

I turned and rested my back on the bar. I was looking straight at her. I wonder how much that silk top was. And I was glad it was silk because that way I could rip it to shreds with my earth power.

“Cool that’s what in going to do then.” He jumped off and made his way to her. He past the two tables that where between us.

While he was walking I was sipping my martini. The guy the girl was sitting with didn’t look surprised to see John. I raised my right eyebrow. I fished for the little toothpick and bit of an olive.

Just then I clicked. Vamps can hear even better than immortals. You would think knowing vamps my whole life and going to school with them that I would remember what they can do but they just look so normal if a little pale. I smiled at the idea of humans believing that vamps burn in sunlight. Or that they stay away from garlic. Well everybody stays away from garlic because it just plain stinks. And you definitely do not become vampire if you’re bitten by one. Vamps are born not made. Just like any supernatural being.

John gave the vamp a long look and then bended over and whispered in her ear. Well even if I had super emotional control but I don’t and I’m only sixteen. Yeah my parent let me drink don’t criticize me. I will live for a very long time and I can’t get drunk easily like humans. I got up thanking myself for wearing tight jeans and a blue sparkling top with comfortable blue high heels.

“I would like two martinis please and fast.” I said getting my money from my pocket and giving it to him.

“Sure lady. You sure your eyes are okay they look funny.” He said. Am I still angry? Well I think I’m really hurt.

“Yeah I’m fine I just can’t stand girls like her.” I nodded my over the table with the trio.

“Hear you loud and clear girl.” Answered the other bartender on the shift, she was a young girl with black hair that looked ready for a fight. I know her. I thought. She was a werewolf. I know her from school; she was at my Atlantis history class.

“Well, hello Rebecca.” I said

“Hello Elaine.” She said and made a deep bow with her head. Not too obvious on human eyes. That’s why I feel shy around supernatural beings. So instead I shot her a look that said “Watch what you are doing.”

“You know her?” I asked Rebecca after all we were kind of friends.

“Sure she comes here every night. She’s attracted to S.B.’s but she doesn’t know it.” Well, well, well. S.B.’s we call the supernatural beings.

“Thanks R. and don’t bow please I’m your friend.” I said quietly close to her ear.

“Okay, sure here you’re going to need these.” She said and handed me my two martinis. But why am I going to need them? I turned with the glasses in my hands and my mouth flew open from what I saw.

I thought she was attracted to S.B.’s! But he’s human. Okay well an attractive human but still.

I gulped the first martini and transferred the olives on the other one. I wonder what the vamp will be going.

Just as if I shouted what I thought he turned on me, weird. I looked at him. He had black messy longish hair and gold eyes. Well I can understand why she was with him but why did she leave him? This girl shows bad taste yet again.

I turned to look at John dirty dancing with the fake Blondie. She looked twenty-odd years old, with the fake boobs and bum, the hair and cheekbones. But I think she was eighteen or something.

Oh that is disgusting. I could feel my face settle in line of distaste. She was rubbing her bum on him like she… I closed my eyes; I did not need to see what was going on that dance floor. I turned on my heel and marched towards the back door that led to a concrete walking space in the water, complete with benches.

I went to sit at the end of it. There was a lovely bench with a table next to it. I put the martini glass on the table and wrapped my arms around me. No, I was not going to walk back in there; I would be too tempted to tie her with poison ivy. That made me smile to myself. I’m so glad no one is here to see me having a breakdown. I sat heavily on the bench and rested my elbows on my knees to hold my head. I felt so heavy I could hardly hold it up. Tears started rolling down my eyes; well on the positive side no one can see my freaky eyes.

I was looking at the water, listening to the wave’s splash on the concrete silently crying.

“You know you should not cry in public it’s a dead giveaway.” A deep voice said. And just like that the solitude faded away.

“I’m not in the mood vampire.” I said not looking up.

“Charles, my name is Charles.” He said and laid my black suit jacket over my shoulders. I put my arms through the sleeves, shuddering from the night chill.

“Fine, I’m not in the mood Charles.” I singed deeply. Here I was sipping on a martini sitting next to a vamp and shedding tears for a human. I made myself stop, of course that made my eyes look even greener.

“You should really learn how to control your emotions you majesty.” He said. I could feel his golden eyes on my face. I looked to my left so my face was away from him and I could still look at the beautiful sea.

“Yeah well I’m still learning.” I would have better control over my emotions when I turn in to an adult immortal.

“How old are you?” he sounded curious. How old did I look?

“Sixteen. Why?” I said a little curious myself.

“Well I thought you were an adult immortal. That’s who you feel.” He said, looking a little ashamed. So he had a gift at feeling auras. I read about this. It was rare to have a vamp feel auras.

“What do you mean I feel like an adult? I’m sixteen how can my aura feel like an adult immortal?” I don’t need anything weirder in my life. It’s bad enough being high in the expectations of your people and has no clue whatsoever about what you are to do.

“My gift never lies. I believe that you have changed prematurely and you should ask her majesty Clair to give you the test.” Oh this is just peachy.

I snorted (my mother would have a cow is she knew.), looked at the sea straight ahead of us.

“The only thing different about me is that I’m colder than you.” I could feel tears coming so I took the glass and gulped the remaining martini. Ha! That should keep you down tears. It’s just a shame I can’t get drunk.

“And who said that to you your m…” I held up a hand on his face to avoid the next word coming. The term “majesty” that they use on my mother and grandmother shouldn’t even apply to me. But oh no the crown will jump generations and will be given to me. That’s my mother’s gift to me. I shuddered, how would they like a cold Queen?

“Do NOT call me that or I will tie your coldblooded body to a tree. Okay?” I asked looking into his eyes looking at confusion. I sighed. I let go of his mouth and transferred my gaze to the sea.

“Why do you even let a simple human insult you?” he asked. Well at least he didn’t say why I shouldn’t let the human insult me.

“Because he doesn’t see me as the savior of the world, the most powerful Queen to come and all that prophecy stuff about me.” I buried my face in my hands and rested my elbows on my knees. I wish I could go to be right now. Well I can but I don’t feel like walking to the portal.

“It’s hard isn’t it?” he said surprising me to the depths of my heart. I looked up and saw him looking understanding.

“Do you know that you are the first person to ask me that?” I asked him, but I didn’t let him answer. “Yes, it’s hard not to know what to do, it not like someone left a “Do this, do that” book for me.” Okay I would use my portal, I’m too bored and emotional tired (I can’t get physically tired, only sleep) to walk to the main portal. I got up and started marching toward the silent beach where no one would see me zap away. That’s when I remembered the test Charles said I should take.

“Are you coming Charles? Or do you rather sit all by yourself?” I called over my shoulder; just like that he was walking next to me. I jumped making a little “yelp” sound. I stopped and put my hand over my heart, a very human gesture but my heart doesn’t like surprises apparently. I should note that. I took a couple of deep breaths to steady myself. When I looked up I saw him turn from being worried to being amused. “Yeah well I still can’t get used to the way you move around, and my best friend is a vamp.” I got the little metal remote from my pocket, took Charles hand and zapped us. The journey was as always colorful, beats walking all the way down to Atlantis. Usually it takes a minute to takes use down. So I looked over to Charles to see why he was holding my hand so tight. He was looking around like a child gone to Disney land for the first time.

So pardon my spelling mistakes..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hi again...

I spent June and July fighting to go to Cyprus. Let me tell you what..
It didn't happen. Well at least i went to England. A month there got my head on straight... Well as straight as it gets xD

There i actually found out what I'm going to study in 1... 2... 3... years :)
That is big news because i fried my friends brains with this subject. Ha ha
My apologies my friend.

So how my little souvenir of my UK holidays?

So i went to this indoor swimming pool with my favourite cousin.
We were swimming and outside it was raining. Ha ha.
As always i was checking around for guys. (Well what can i do its in me.)
and i spot this very cute guy.

i told my cousin and we started gossiping and analyzing him.
yeah and apparently he was wearing a very tight swim suite. ha ha imagine that.
he was a hunk with a capital H.

Right so as you understand we were in our world floating and laughing.
This pool had a wave machine and they turned it on a couple of times per hour.
So the waves were started and we were floating in them still laughing out heads off.
That was for about ten minutes.
Because of the waves we were moved a little bit to the right.

Up until this day i have been wearing a bracelet my mum gave me a year ago and i never took it off.
So my cousin told he was looking so i glanced over to him on the deep end holding my bracelet and looking right at me.
for a second all i did was look at him wondering if was stupid or something.
But then i saw my bracelet in his hands.
"Oh shit my bracelet." was all i said. Me and my cousin were together sitting on this float so i just jumped off causing the float to lose balance and throw my cousin in the water.

i walked as fast as i could in the water which was not very fast.
in the second it took me to get there he left my bracelet on the side and started swimming really fast away. i got the bracelet and i saw it was closed. Well that is weird cause it wand slip off with no power in the world.

My cousin came over the second he left. she was still coughing the water she swallowed.
"What on earth happened sylv? and why is he going out? he just came here."
"I'm sorry i tipped you over. But he found my bracelet." i said.
"Well that's weird." was all she said.

the we stayed twenty minutes more and got in the gyms shower and got dressed.
it must have been a good thirty minutes since the bracelet incident. we walked out fully dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. He was standing in a corner and staring at me. I didn't notice him but my an-eye-for-everything cousin paused and gently nudged me.

"He is staring again" she said looking at the salad bar.

I looked over and he continued to stare at me. So i held up my wrist with my bracelet and muttered "thanks" to him. He nodded and took his bag and left.

And that was it my little weird piece of my holidays that for some weird reason every time i look at my bracelet i remember that incident.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Why do most of the people look for "true" love?
If you ask me that's stupid...
hello theres about 6.77 billion people on planet earth!!
how on earth are you going to find that someone who has the same brains as you?
or has the same wants as you?
we are all different!! even by a Little enzyme we are all diferent...
are you really going to search 6.77 BILLION to find your stinken true love??
Just stick with what you can get your hands on and say thank you..
And what if you find yous so called true love?
You think it going to be so perfect?
ill tell you one thing your not going to fight ever..
for crying out loud thats like eating noddles withous the little package of spices in it..
just boild wormy macaroni witch is good for you and it isent fattning... SO WHAT?
What if it good for you? its so good for you you have to gulp it down because there is not TASTE!!!
what the hell is life without the spices?
Stop daydreaming!!
You are going to be mesruble... you and that person!!!
Just dont fuss and say please and thank you for what you have..
gready little worm... (joke)

Just be happy with the small thing so when you have the big ones yous even more happier!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Interesting facts...

Barack Obama...

Barack Hussein Obama (Known as Berry in high school) was born Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Barack's mother was a white Christian from Kansas and his father was Muslim from Kenya. His name means "one who is blessed" in Swahili, but he was known as "O'Bomber" because of his basketball skills during the high school years. Interesting facts about Barack Obama: he tried cocaine and marijuana, Barack uses Apple Mac for his computer needs, Secret Service gave him code name "renegade", Barack smokes cigarettes and he never drinks coffee, he is left-handed and loves to play poker.

Deeper love facts...

What is love? David Icke said: "Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is Illusion." However, scientists tried to explain love using our genes as the base of the medical study. Basically, they found that we are attracted to persons that are genetically immune to the diseases and weaknesses that we are weak to. However, Alchemy teaches us completely different approach. Alchemy or old sacred studies believe that our body (Personal Self) is build around four energies (or four egos) that make up our Personal Self (our body). Those four energies are: Physical Energy with its Needs, Sensational with its Desires, Emotional with its Feelings and Intellectual Energy with its Ideas. To reach Higher Self (our soul) these energies must be balanced. Since this is very hard to do in our distorted world, we usually seek for someone (soul mate) that will help us achieve Higher Existence (same like our genes our soul mate’s energies could fill half empty energies and empty our half spilling energies). Alchemy believes that we are not born with the soul, only with the seed of spirituality, and that our purpose in this dimension is to find our souls or to find our Higher Self. You wanted to make gold from the ordinary metal? Well finding love is the only solution or maybe you should meditate till you find your true balancing power.

Stuff in the rectum ....

* rectum is the vigina *

Foreign bodies in the rectum are a common occurrence and most of the cases are treated with anesthesia before removing objects. Patients have usually made multiple attempts to remove the object themselves before consulting the professional. Common objects inserted are fruits, balls, bottles, vibrators, vegetables, and balls. However, interesting fact is that professors D. Busch and J. Starling; Madison, Wisconsin in 1986 did research and study report on strange rectal foreign bodies. Some of the unusual objects found in the anus and rectum include: magazine, beer glass, seven light bulbs, two flashlights, knife sharpener, frozen pigs tail, wire spring and tobacco pouch.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu Facts ...

Yoshiro Nakamatsu the Japanese inventor is one of the greatest minds in the human history. With over 3000 patented inventions Yoshiro received Nutrition Nobel prize for photographing and retrospectively analyzing every meal he has consumed during a period of 36 years. His most creative time is between 12am and 4am and he never sleeps more than four hours. He loves to invent underwater with his special waterproof Plexiglas writing pad. He said that "oxygen is the enemy for the brain". Archimedes, Michael Faraday, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla and Yoshiro Nakamatsu were chosen by U.S. Science Academic Society as the five greatest scientists in the history. Yoshiro has an age goal to live over 144 years and every day he eats a special mixture of dried shrimp, seaweed, cheese, yogurt, eel, eggs, beef, and chicken livers-all fortified with vitamins. Some of his inventions: floppy disk, taxicab meter, CD, DVD, digital watch, Cereberex chair, Love Jet 200 etc.

Fact about Pablo Picaso...

His full name was "Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso". While living in Paris (1900) Pablo had lots of financial problems and he burned many of his paintings to stay warm. Besides his wife he had many mistresses. Pablo loved to work with the candle light. His first exhibit was at the age of thirteen. Interesting fact is that Steve Wynn owner of the Picasso's famed "Dream" painting poke the hole accidentally through the multimillion dollar painting while showing his friends portrait of Picasso's mistress Marie-Therese Walter.

Facts abous Albert Einstain...

facts Einstein declined the presidency of the state of Israel when it was offered to him in 1952 by state leaders. The element einsteinium, discovered in 1952, was named in honor of Albert Einstein. Picture of Einstein sticking his tongue was taken on his 72nd birthday by annoying press photographer Arthur Sasse. Albert loved the photo so much that he cut his image out and send it to all his friends.

Lying Facts...

facts Lie is usually manifested by these signs: a sudden increase in the number of \"ums\" and \"ahs.\", overly defensive, no eye contact, lying is stressful, they will try to be sarcastic, turning his body away from you, talking fast, making statements that contradict each other, unusual body language or a hand reaching to cover mouth.

Richest people in the world facts...

facts We actually had to modify this fact due to recent changes in the billionaire world. Thirteen years our buddy Bill Gates from Winblows was the richest man in the world. However, as of 2008 the top five richest people are: 1. Warren Buffett (Stocks and investments), 2.Carlos Slim Helu (Mexican telecom mogul), 3. William Gates III (Windows and more), 4. Lakshmi Mittal (World's largest steelmaker - India), 5. Mukesh Ambani (Petrochemicals giant Reliance Industries - India). We will try to update this list as soon as rich get richer.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

check this out..

Guys see this game its an online multiplayer game on miniclip..

i liked it..

hope is not total boolshit.. xD

Monday, March 30, 2009

5 good things..

Thanks teenage dreamer..

So this is going to be easy..

1. As the pic says good thing happen over coffee.. I agree completly.. i love

at debenhams cafeteria and *bucks.. hehe..

2. i like walking in towels after a looong bath around the house.. i like to air


3. i like washing my hand this verry hot water and then drying them with the

A.C air.. its fantastic try it!!

4. I also like having a toy fighting with my friends.. hehe!!! good times..

5. Long sleep ins until 3 o clock in the afternoon..

ok now i call on Alex , Doukaton , apogevmatinos 8anatos , georgia ,
prasini neraida

the other half of me..

Do we even have another half of us?
is possible? the true love..
the one that we feel complete to be with ?
how about its not true love...
what if our other half is a person you lived the most of your life with
without even knowing that you need it so much until you are separated
what if the other half is split to tiny pieces and given to your most trusted and old friends so when your together you become
a complete hole... have you ever felt that?
maybe when we say the other half of is meant to go to the people we need the most and not the truest love of them all...
i believe in love don't get me wrong but maybe there is something in this life that we don't see clearly and we focus on the love..
what if you love someone as a brother or a sister..
and when your with them you feel complete..
it a nice feeling and i experienced it a lot of times...
maybe someones true half used to be a best friend and turned in to the
greatest love of them all..
but don't only think the other half is meant on lovers is meant to friend too...

this is a nice song... goes with my title.. i like her voice..